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“Beauchamp’s richly detailed account of Kennedy’s Hollywood years presents a penetrating portrait…an engrossing account of a man many only think they know.”
Starred review – Booklist

“Cari Beauchamp has delivered a no holds barred mesmerizing tale of Joe Kennedy’s incredible assault on Hollywood.”
Betty Lasky, RKO historian and daughter of film pioneer Jesse Lasky

“It’s an exceptional work of film scholarship, packed with information no one has uncovered before, but it reads like a juicy novel”
Leonard Maltin

“Cari Beauchamp tells the story brilliantly…and has succeeded not only in finding a new way to tell the story, but one that adds to it much we didn’t know before.”
Michael Korda –The Daily Beast

“Well written and researched, Beauchamp’s book is a probing examination of the man in the industry during its most fascinating period.”
Roger K. Miller – Chicago Sun Times

“The narrative moves as fast as any shoot-‘em-up…Unveiling a trove of newly revealed documents, Cari Beauchamp makes fiduciary details fascinating and Hollywood gossip substantive. Joseph P. Kennedy Presents is an essential guide to understanding the role of this family in American Life.”
Martin Nolan – Boston Globe.

“Cari Beauchamp, who has written perceptively about the movie world for many publications and in her groundbreaking work, Without Lying Down, has a way of writing about the goings on in boardrooms that make them easy to follow and fascinating…[She] marshals all her skills to tell one hell of a story.”
Martin Rubin – San Francisco Chronicle

“Nothing in Kennedy’s long career of banking, stock market manipulation and New Dealing prepared him for presidential politics the way his time in the picture business did.”
New York TImes

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